The first global ecosystem of audio innovators.

The audio economy is upon us and we are in the earliest stages of a new era, where the aural experience will become a ubiquitous and ambient distributed platform. 


Just as native mobile applications took time to mature, audio-first applications are still in their infancy and emerging around content innovation, communication, social, and industrial utility.


IMMERSE, an audio CoLab powered by TechNexus Venture Collaborative is the gateway to a global audio ecosystem that includes startups, corporations, investors, incubators, innovation labs, and more.


Its purpose is to empower entrepreneurs to build innovative audio solutions and accelerate growth for audio incumbents and the industry at large.

We invite talented, ambitious entrepreneurs or technologists building impactful AudioTech or audio-focused businesses to join. IMMERSE is your source for seed & growth capital, resources, and ecosystem expertise.

We invite investors, corporate innovators, individuals, or other organizations interested in next-generation audio solutions and technologies to join. IMMERSE provides expansive insight into a global audio ecosystem.

Why Audio?

Audio has a number of unique characteristics that make it a powerful medium.


Audio is…


  • Rich in informational content
  • Personal and facilitates individualized connections
  • Nonvisual providing users with focus and privacy
  • Ambient and can be consumed in the background


These characteristics coupled with advanced technologies and platforms will enable powerful new capabilities, applications, and human experiences.


IMMERSE is a curated ecosystem that brings together industry leaders, program-driven capital, and category-defining ventures to rethink the audio economy.

In collaboration with key industry players, IMMERSE is home to one of the largest venture investment portfolios with a focus on AudioTech & Media.

How IMMERSE creates value

IMMERSE is more than venture capital. It is a venture collaborative. We have assembled essential solutions and resources, aligned incubation services, and access to crucial connections in the audio industry to accelerate success.


IMMERSE unlocks access to early-stage funding. Our network of strategic investors is your source for seed and growth capital.


Realize commercial acceleration through pilot & proof-of-concept opportunities with enterprises.


Share and learn best practices and real-time insights on how entrepreneurs are navigating the evolving audio ecosystem.


Get expert advice from leading industry players, investors, and legal, finance, & marketing professionals matched to your needs.


Our partner network of technology, software, hardware, and service providers unlocks vital resources to best support you as you grow.


Exclusive, sponsored pitch calls for ventures to solve a specific real-world challenge or objective defined by an ecosystem partner. (COMING SOON!)

Like what you’ve heard?

We’re seeking talented, ambitious entrepreneurs, investors, corporate innovators, and organizations interested in next generation audio solutions and technologies.

About TechNexus Venture Collaborative

TechNexus is a Venture Collaborative, a unique combination of businesses, corporate joint-ventures, private equity funds, and an investment portfolio that spans many verticals.


Since 2007, TechNexus has managed a robust platform to empower entrepreneurs, transform business models at scale and drive innovation through ecosystems.


The company has accelerated business opportunities between dozens of leading corporations and more than 600 startups and is among the most active venture investors in the US.